Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm taking a break from all that I've accomplished today...First day at full function since I got home...Listen to this...I took a "lesson" from hubby about how to operate the tractor to mow the lawn...I was VERY specific about "just because I'm learning this (we've had it 3 years now) doen't mean it is my job!" I just want to be outside...Well things went fine til it was time to empty the bags...I can't lift them up high enough to empty so he did that part...So we have a nice size yard, got that done but both batteries to the weed whacker were dead, of course, it's much too "hard" to plug the fuckers in...Oops, trying not to get attitudy here...Since he takes care of the lawn he wanted me to do it EXACTLY like he does...Nope...(there's that word again Rob)...My way... ;-)
Then I cleaned up the deck, got my planters ready for flowers, cleaned the grill, put the lawn furniture in its "correct" position (my OCD) and the clouds started rolling in...I'm not done yet, I still have to do a major food inventory  because I've been gone so long I truly don't know what we need...Tomorrow morning I will MAJOR grocery shop...Now, you may think this is all just boring everyday stuff but to me it's humongus...I'm functioning, I'm in a good mood and for today, unstopable...
What I sat down to write about is people who think they are ALWAYS FUCKING RIGHT!!! I don't CARE if you THINK you're right and I won't argue with you...Waste of breath because "right" people cannot be swayed...Who cares? and when I KNOW I'm right I am laughing inside at YOUR stupid ass...just so you know!   

                                          GARLIC CHIVES...YUM!

                                           A NEW FAMILY HAS MOVED IN THIS YEAR!

Thats it, short blog but felt like sharing...I'm off to the kitchen! xoxo
The pics are ones that I took last year on my deck...Enjoy....and thanks for stopping by...

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